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The Subtle Art of Making a Self-Tape Trailer:

Bunny Trailer:

How do I approach an Edit?

Often an editor's job is to be the silent conductor. Directing the audiences attention without drawing too much to itself. But as Philip Seymour Hoffman once said "A film is made in the editing room"

When I start working on a project, I do what many editors do; I immerse myself in the footage. I watch everything, front to finish, and I take a few notes here and there if there's something brilliant or unusable but mostly I just watch and watch and watch. And then the painstaking process begins. I operate beat by beat, watching the footage and re-watching it as I go. I try to avoid a set plan because there is always unexpected magic in the take that you never thought would work.



I am well versed in Premiere Pro and After Effects

When I work with a director other than myself, I like to provide two first cuts. One that is very much a reflection of the script and the notes that the director gives me during the first meeting. And the other where I allow myself complete creative liberty, making lots of choices, some of which make sense, and others that are absolutely outlandish. I do this with the purpose in mind not to change the vision of the director, but with the goal of getting their creative juices flowing. 

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